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2014-07-12 13:50:28 by JamesStiff1

hello random people who found my NG page.

I have a steam thing.

so play gamez wit me!


also xbox too but that is down for me right now.

james stiff1 (hell yeah spaces motherfucker!!!)


2013-06-27 21:47:32 by JamesStiff1

im back

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2012-07-18 14:35:13 by JamesStiff1

hey im back after a 1 year hiatus i guess
so yeah
oh and OFWGKTA


2012-01-25 17:55:47 by JamesStiff1

Now Im on google+ search James Stiff behotches


2012-01-24 19:52:57 by JamesStiff1

ok, so I did'nt make flash, so ill try to make some before the world ends

hey nobody...

2011-11-01 17:33:01 by JamesStiff1

i havent been on for awhile so ive been kinda busy with school... hoping to post a flash by the end of the year.

I am pleased to annouce i have made a puke boy animation on my ipod, no sound though, and its very short but here it isPukeBoy


2011-07-02 17:38:22 by JamesStiff1

hey people who find me by accident on Newgrounds, I now have a DeviantART profile nows so heres the link so u can get your troll face on Click here BEHOTCHES!!!!!!

I have a comic I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and still sorta writing it, its called Pukeboy and by the tittle you would guess that the main character pukes alot, well it's true and his name is Pukeboy along with some friends made up along the way, I wrote it with classic pen and paper and I dont have a scanner so I'll see how I can get it up on here, in the meantime, enjoy this drawing of Pukeboy

I feel stoopid for puting this up now but here it goes....

My Shake Junt drawing

2011-05-14 18:38:19 by JamesStiff1

hey heres my shake junt drawing, if you dont know what shake junt is go to the site Shake Junt

My Shake Junt drawing